IE antibiotic treatment Survey

On behalf of the ESCMID Study Group on Bloodstream Infections, Endocarditis, and Sepsis, Bruno Hoen, ISCVID former chairman, invites you to complete a short online survey that explores 3 domains of IE antibiotic treatment. Thank you very much for participating on

Information on the survey

The survey explores 3 domains of IE antibiotic treatment:

  • the use of rifampicin in IE,
  • adequacy of practice to ESC 2015 guidelines for selected “new or controversial” topics,
  • current practices in situations not covered by guidelines.

The goal of this survey is to identify topics for clinical research in the field.
The questions are intended to obtain information on your actual current practice, not to explore your knowledge!
The data will be managed anonymously, but you are invited to provide your name and email address, so that I can send you a summary of the responses as well as suggestions of proposals for future research topics that could result from the survey results.

Thank you very much for participating!

Best regards,
Bruno Hoen, ISCVID chairman

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