Previous Meetings

Background on the International Society of Cardiovascular Diseases

ISCVID is a society founded on the spontaneous and enthusiastic aggregation of physicians and scientists attending its meetings. The society requires no annual subscription by its members and receives its financial support from the registration fees of the attendees at its symposia and the generous contributions of the industries who support a fully independent scientific debate. Within ISCVID several large-scale scientific initiatives have been put forward. The most important is the International Collaboration on Endocarditis (ICE) that involves 64 centres in 28 countries around the world.


14th - Dublin, Ireland

This is a bi annual International Symposium on topics of the future treatment of Endocarditis and Cardiovascular Infections. 


13th - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

ISCVID 2015, in Rio De Janeiro, is going to be a platform where a lot of important topics are going to be discussed.


12th - Dubrovnik, Croatia

The meetings explore infections of the cardiovascular system and their treatment, including a focus on the latest scientific knowledge. 


11th - Cairn, Australia

A combination of great science, an emphasis on multidisciplinary care for these complex conditions, in a relaxed setting. 


10th - Naples, Italy

The program has been submitted for accreditation both to the Italian Ministry of Health and the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education. 


9th - Heidelberg, Germany

The 9th International Symposium on Modern Concepts in Endocarditis and Cardiovascular Infections is acknowledged by the German Society of Cardiology (DGK). 


8th - Charleston, South Carolina

An opportunity for specialists from infectious diseases, cardiologists, microbiologists, pathologists and cardiovascular surgeons to collaborate on research. 


7th - Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France

The conference it has been presented from specialists in infectious diseases, cardiologists, microbiologists, pathologists, cardiac and vascular surgeons. 


6th - Barcelona, Spain

The 6th ISCVID Symposium represent a new highpoint in the international exchange of knowledge and experience in these interesting subjects. 


5th - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The fifth International Symposium, in Amsterdam, provide an update to the dynamic field of cardiovascular infection. 


4th - Yverdon-Les-Bains, Switzerland

Fourth International Symposium on Modern Concepts in Endocarditis and Cardiovascular Infections. 


3rd - Boston, Massachusetts

The meeting is organized though scientific presentations, expert lectures, discussions and symposia and explore infections of the cardiovascular system. 


1st - Munich, Germany

This edition of ISCVID, in 1991, is a Satellite symposium to the 17th International Congress of Chemotherapy in Germany. 

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