Our Vision

ISCVID is an international scientific Society founded on the spontaneous and enthusiastic aggregation of the hundreds of physicians and scientists who have attended its meetings over the years. The Society does not currently require a formal annual subscription by its members. Financial support for the biannual meetings comes from the attendees registration fees and the contributions of the industries supporting a rigorous, unbiased and independent scientific debate.

Within ISCVID several large-scale scientific initiatives have been set forth. The most important is the International Collaboration on Endocarditis (ICE), that involves 64 centres in 28 countries around the world. ICE has set the strategy for studying several aspects of IE on a large scale basis and has generated a large amount of scientific data and publications. ISCVID is currently promoting an International effort to develop a registry-based randomized controlled trial designed to assess the efficacy of antibiotic prophylaxis for infective endocarditis.

Our History

In 1991, Merle Sande, Ethan Rubinstein, and Zvi Vered organized the first meeting devoted to Infective Endocarditis in Munich, Germany. The Meeting was entitled ‘Modern Concepts in Endocarditis’, and the idea of a dedicated Scientific Society had not yet emerged. A second meeting was subsequently organized by Erno Gutchik in Elsinore, Denmark, in 1993. However, there was no Society at that time. Two years later, Walter Wilson, David Durack and Adolf Karchmer organized the 3rd meeting in Boston. At the conclusion of that Meeting, there was a surplus in funds and the participants voted the proposal to form a Society, the “International Society on Modern Concepts in Endocarditis”. Over the next 4 years, across two other meetings, the Society name evolved into “International Society for Cardiovascular Infectious Diseases-ISCVID”, which continues its activities today.

The International Society for Cardiovascular Infectious Diseases was formed in the intentions of the Founders to bring scientific awareness to this serious and challenging infectious disease, endocarditis. This is a condition of high morbidity and mortality but with very little organised multinational collaboration. This is why since the early 1990s, ISCVID began holding biennial scientific sessions to bring together the community of endocarditis investigators and help further the study of endocarditis, cardiovascular infections, and complex bacteraemia.

Over the years the need for ISCVID updates has increased with the increasing use of implantable medical devices, cardiac pacemakers, and percutaneous heart valves and in the last decade mechanical circulatory support devices all associated with increased risk for infective endocarditis. Vascular graft implantation has also emerged as an important cause of infection with a high morbidity and mortality and in need of organized multinational collaboration. International consensus on prevention of all these infections and management of current complex resistance pattern of infection is a key consideration throughout this meeting.

The International Symposium on Modern Concepts in Endocarditis and Cardiovascular Infections is organized every two years though scientific presentations, expert lectures, discussions and symposia and explores infections of the cardiovascular system and their treatment. An excellent opportunity is presented for specialists from infectious diseases, cardiologists, microbiologists, pathologists and cardiovascular surgeons to collaborate on basic and clinical research and discuss the latest scientific knowledge in the management of device infections and complex bacteraemia. Past meetings have been held in Dublin, Rio De Janeiro, CairnDubrovnik, Naples, Heidelberg, Charleston, Chamonix and Barcelona, and presenting a continued international collaboration of knowledge for close to two decades.

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